Saturday, 11 April, Starting from 9:00 So you think you know JavaScript… show off your coding chops! – A code competition for everybody: points for speed and elegance. And it has to work For experts and beginners!


Saturday, 12 April  Starting from 13:00 (lunch time) A new way to play with smartphones, coming out from the screen and entering the real world. The dedicated App allows you to read the clues with both NFC Tags with iQR_Code; Google Play the Game Services are used to manage the LeaderBoard (High Score) and the…


Friday, 11 April, Starting from 14:00 Who will be the fastest? Prove your coding skils by creating a simple app feed reader as soon as possible. The challenge will be in Javascript. You will have: a feed (XML or JSON) to parse and libraries that you need. Information: You don’t need to bring anything with…


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