Opening Party – April 10th – Tempio di Adriano, 18:30

Join us at Codemotion Rome’s Opening Party on Thursday the 10th of April.

During the party you will have the possibility to meet and greet Codemotion’s speakers! International guests and Codemotion’s team will welcome you: come and have fun!

We’re waiting for you at Tempio di Adriano, Piazza di Pietra, 18:30

Attendance is free, but registration is required 


18:30 – Chiara Russo e Mara Marzocchi: “One year of Codemotion and our Team”
18:35 – Stefano Venditti: “Annuncio e presentazione della Maker Faire”
18:40 – Alessandro Ranellucci: “Makers’ world”
18:45 – Gosia Sosnowska: “Codemotion’s conference preview”
18:50 – Sascha Wolter: “Contextual Interaction”
18:55 – Alain Regnier: “Google Glass : Welcome to the world of Smart Glasses.”
19:00 – Viviana Cristini: “Codemotion Kids” e Massimo Avvisati: “My experience in Codemotion Kids”
19:05 – Brenda Jin: “Humans, computers… that order”
19:10 – Anna Masera e Alessio Biancalana
19:15 – Mario Klingemann: “The joy of finding”
19:20 – Richard Warburton: “A brief story about programming languages”
19:25 – Jacopo Romei
19:30 – Nino Guarnacci

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