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We want to transform Codemotion Rome into an international event with guests, round tables, networking, parties and labs. To reach this purpose, to attend the conference you will have to buy a ticket. In this post we will explain the reasons of our choice.
Here we are! We are really getting to the hearth of the organization of the next Codemotion Rome. Every year, edition after edition, we try hard to get our conference better than the year before, sometimes changing and tranforming it.

We started in Rome in the far 2006, with a half day event dedicated just to the Java language, an event organized as an after-work hobby. 600 people attended the first Codemotion during the 16 scheduled talks.

The years passed by, and our event became an all day long conference; then, still unsatisfied, we transformed it a 2 days event.
In 2001 we took a revolutionary decision: Java was not enough anymore to represent the whole IT world and we opened our conference to all languages and technologies. Codemotion was finally born as you know it now. One year later we moved to conquer Spain, next year we reached Berlin. In the meanwhile, Codemotion Rome has got bigger, with a lot of international speakers. A part from talks, now we organize also hackathons, code labs and we offer developers the opportunity to meet companies and get in touch with a lot of job chances. Last year has been a very important step for Codemotion: we became an LLC and we signed for the first outside-Europe Codemotion: we are ready to reach Tel Aviv!

Now the moment to change again has come. There will be a lot of new things during Codemotion Rome 2014, among them: new kinds of intervention, a lot of networking moments,international speakers, round tables and much more… But the most important change will be that this year, for the first time, there will be a fee to attend Codemotion Rome.

We have decided to introduce an entrance ticket to make “Codemotion’s experience” even better than before, increasing networking opportunities and international speakers’ presence. In fact, we have realized that the possibility to meet other attendees, speakers and companies, creating interesting and long lasting professional contacts, is a very important value such as that given by high quality technical talks. Our challenge is also your challenge: we can transform together Rome in a tech hub, giving it an international conference, with guests and attendees from all around Europe.

Below you can find the tickets’ prices to attend the 2 days Codemotion Rome conference on the 11th and the 12th of April 2014. We remind you that IT community members have the right to a special discount when buying their ticket… ask for your discount code to the community you belong to :-)

We didn’t think to put a fee as an entrance block for our attendees, we just thought of it to reach a common purpose: organize a huger conference, with even more ¬†valuable contents and opportuinities for professional developers and tech passionate people to share their experiences and knowledge at an international level.

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