Codemotion realizes a space specially tailored to young hackers to come: Codemotion kids.
Both Friday and Saturday will be held completely free labs and mini workshops which provide to youngest attendees first principles about electronic ad robotic programming.
Through video-games and do-it-yourself kids will have the opportunity to move their first steps in the world of coding.


Friday, April 11 – Starting from 16:30 –  Introduction to Scratch a free programming language to create your own interactive stories, games, and animations.

Saturday, April 12 - 10:30 –  Officine Robot -A workshop to build the simplest of robots from everyday materials. Your imagination is the only limit!

Saturday, April 12 - 10:30 - PizzaLamp - The electronics become Design: build your table lamp starting from pizza box!

Saturday, April 12 - 10:30 - My first video-game - Scratch Coding Laboratory

Saturday, April 12 - 15:00 - Hello Sound! - Coding and musical composition laboratory,  made with Processing development environment.

Codemotion Kids Laboratory are completely free: parents without ticket will have free access to event area without any charge, but they are not allowed to attend conferences.

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