- What is Codemotion?
Codemotion is the biggest technical conference, open to all languages and technologies, for developers in Italy and Spain and one of the hugest in Europe, with an international network of 30.000 developers and 300 speakers from all over the world and from the most important IT realities.
Codemotion represents a unique opportunity of exchanging views, in depth analysis and sharing of technical topics.
Now Codemotion is going to move also to Tel Aviv, apart from already being in Rome, Milan, Madrid and Berlin.
Since 2013, when Codemotion became a startup, it has introduced many other activities: professional training, Codemotion Kids, to get children closer to technology, organization of external IT events for partners, organization of hackathons, an area dedicated to startups, to create contact among developers and rising companies and an area dedicated to game developers.
More info about Codemotionworld at www.codemotionworld.com.
Next Codemotion event will be Codemotion Rome 2014.

- How does the event work?
Two days of workshops (the 9th and the 10th of April) and two days of conference (the 11th and the 12th of April).
During the event you will attend to keynotes, talks and labs. There will be many opportunities of networking. CodemotionRome will close with the amazing final party.

- Which are the main contents of the conference?
There will be tracks about: Enterprise, User Experience, Web, Mobile, Languages, Internet of Things hack and make, NoSql, Methods, Bigdata/db/cloud, Creativity, Inspiration, Security, Gaming.
Take a look to the conference program!

- Who attends the conference?
Codemotion gathers developers, businessmen, startuppers, university IT students, sponsor companies, partners, community members, and any other passionate about technology.

- Will the conference be in English or Italian?
The 75% of the conference will be held in English, the other 25% in Italian: half of our speakers are international guests and mostly of our italian speakers will have their talk in English.
This is the result of our efferts to make Codemotion an international event.



- To attend Codemotion Rome 2014 I have to buy a ticket. Why?
We want to transform Codemotion Rome into an international event with guests, round tables, networking, parties and labs.
We didn’t think to put a fee as an entrance block for our attendees, we just thought of it to reach a common purpose: organize a huger conference, with even more valuable contents and opportuinities for professional developers and tech passionate people to share their experiences and knowledge at an international level.
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- What kind of ticket are there? And why?
There are 7 kinds of ticket.

Students Full ticket and the Students Free are the tickets reserved to University or high-school students. Students Full ticket is a complete but reduced ticket, Students Free simply allows only admittance to the conference and all its contents, but it does not include gadgets and lunch.
Students who takes “Students Full Ticket” or “Students Free Ticket” have to show their university or high school ID which proves their enrollment status at the entrance.

Volunteers’ ticket is a free ticket for the people who are reserving a place at Codemotion’s conference, but are also putting forward to help Codemotion’s Team during Codemotion days or the day before.

All the other tickets are for regular attendees. The only difference among them, (Super Early Bird, Early Bird, Regular Ticket, On Desk Ticket) depends on the purchasing’s time. “On Desk Tickets” are sold only in the conference’s morning.

- Could my Company buy a ticket for me for my professional training?
Yes, of course. Due our effort to make Codemotion event a fully professional conference, we encourage Companies to send thir developer for a professional training.

- Can I have an invoice for the ticket?
Yes, the invoice will be sent within a week since the end of the event.

- I have bought a ticket but I can’t attend to Codemotion Rome 2014 anymore. Can I ask for the refund?
Tickets are not refundable, but you can transfer your ticket to another person.

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