Do you understand me? Supernatural and innovative interactions

Sascha Wolter


Internet of things, connected vehicles and smart everyday things together with new and more natural ways of interactivity force us to think about new approaches. This challenge is not limited to technical constraints and better user experience. We need to identify and sometimes create needs to develop new solutions. Sascha shows in his session unconventional and inspiring scenarios including live demos and code using a variety of communication services. Besides inspiration, he explains an infantile process model successfully used in practice, which is immediately feasible for actual everybody.

Language: English

Level: middle

Sascha Wolter

Infantile Tinkerer - Deutsche Telekom - Products & Innovation

Sascha Wolter is a professional developer and user experience enthusiast with passion for Internet of Things (IoT) and Mobile Apps in all flavors. He also works as a consultant, trainer, software-architect and author. Sascha is also the founder of the leading German Adobe User Group and cofounder of the internationally renowned conference beyond tellerrand. His work was mentioned by several magazines and broadcasters like, Discovery Channel and so on. If he is not tinkering with new soft- and hardware for Deutsche Telekom AG, he likes playing Lego with his kids in his spare time.