Introduction to Vaadin 7

Michael Tzukanov


Vaadin is Java framework for rapid development of web applications in server-side environment. It abstracts the underlying document and state transfer technologies, allowing web applications to be developed in Java. Vaadin leverages the full power of GWT, a Java to Javascript compiler, making it possible to develop the entire web application stack and new client-side components without leaving the Java environment. Attendees will get an overview of Vaadin 7.1, a closer look at the Vaadin architecture behind the scenes of the framework. New features of Vaadin 7.2 will also be discussed.

Language: English

Level: low

Michael Tzukanov

Vaadin Developer - Vaadin

Michael Tzukanov is Vaadin Developer in Vaadin team working daily with customer projects. Michael has also contributed to Vaadin Core and created a number of Vaadin add-ons.