Mobile HTML5 websites and Hybrid Apps with AngularJS

Carlo Bonamico


AngularJS lets you use today the features of next-generation web standards, making front-end development more productive and fun. What's better, it provides its "magic" tools such as databinding, dependency injection, modularity, composable and event-driven architecture to both web AND mobile apps. This "code-based" interactive talk will share some lessons learned in the development of mobile sites and apps with Angular, from how to structure applications, tune bandwidth and performance, interact with mobile-specific elements such as touch, sensors, and native-looking UX with Ionic Framework.

Language: English

Level: middle

Carlo Bonamico

Solution Architect - NIS s.r.l.

Carlo’s passion for Software began with a C128, then grew with Linux, Java/JavaScript, web & enterprise apps, and now cloud & mobile. After a PhD and research experience at the University of Genova and the CNIT National TLC Research Consortium, and an exciting time at startup Eptamedia, he’s now a Solution Architect and Senior Trainer at NIS s.r.l.. His personal communication style as an architect and trainer, both technically precise and able to present in an engaging way complex topics to an heterogeneous audience has been appreciated online and at many events from Javapolis to Codemotion.