OrientDB: a Document-Graph Database ready for the Cloud

Luigi Dell' Aquila


Ten years ago the word "Database" was a synonym for "Relational Database". Now things have changed, developers have to deal with issues like dynamic data structures (schema-less data, documents, graphs), Big Data and replication. OrientDB was born in the era of Internet and was designed to provide these features out of the box, without struggling with configuration. In this session I will show you how easy it is to model your data as a graph, query and traverse it and deploy it in a distributed environment (also in the cloud!), using knowledge you already have, like SQL and Javascript.

Language: English

Level: middle

Url slides: http://www.slideshare.net/Codemotion/orientdb-a-documentgraph

Luigi Dell' Aquila

Software Architect - Orient Technologies

Computer engineer, Open Source enthusiast, technology addicted, founder of Raspberry Jam Roma and daddy. Programming languages, tools and frameworks are toy box. ICT consultant in the rest of the time.