Become a Frontend Developer Ninja using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3

Marco Casario


Practice makes perfect. That works in every field. But in the frontend development domain it's crucial to choose and invest your time on the right techniques, tools, libraries, frameworks, as well as methodologies if you want to incur the least amount of overhead. In this talk the speaker takes you through a productive tooling, libraries, frameworks eco-system required to develop modern and robust Web applications easier.

Language: Italian

Level: middle

Marco Casario

CTO - Comtaste

Marco has been passionate about programming since he was little more than a child and used to program games in Basic for Commodore 64 before dedicating himself, while still very young, to innovative projects for the web using Javascript and Flash. In 2005, Marco has founded Comtaste (, a company dedicated to exploring new frontiers in Rich Internet and Mobile Applications and the convergence between the web and the world of mobile devices. He is author of the following book projects: HTML 5 Solutions, CSS3 Solutions, Flex 4 Cookbook, AIR Cookbook, and many more.