Native Javascript apps with PhoneGap

Martin de Keijzer


Writing applications for phones has been a daunting task since every platform uses it's own language and API's. PhoneGap will solve this problem for you by utilizing the browser capabilities. In this session we will see how we can turn a web based application into a native app. We will also look at posibilites to integrate native functionality, like the camera or accelerometer, in our application. The final part of the presentation is about deployment of these applications. Adobe offers a cloud based service called PhoneGap Build which easily builds your application for all platforms.

Language: English

Level: low

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Martin de Keijzer

Software Engineer - Ibuildings

Martin is a software engineer and community manager at Ibuildings in the Netherlands. He started programming with PHP and picked up Javascript along the way, he has become very knowledgeable with both in the past decade. He is also doing a lot of mobile development and quickly learned that mastering Javascript was the key to device agnostic success. These days many of his projects using open web technologies are already available using app stores and the web as a distribution channel.