The Wonderful World That Is Twitter Bootstrap

Shay Friedman


So you're building the web, right? And you're having fun, right? Inventing the wheel each and every time when you create this "float-right" class, right? Feeling the warmth of a thousand suns when you design yet another form, right? That's not so fun anymore, eh? Feel sad no more! Twitter Bootstrap is a comprehensive CSS framework that makes all of the usual web design stuff much easier. It's so good you might enjoy CSS once again! Come to the session to see what Twitter Bootstrap is, why it is so awesome, and how you create smooth looking web sites in a matter of minutes!

Language: English

Level: middle

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Shay Friedman

Founder, Consultant, Trainer - CodeValue

Shay Friedman is a Visual C#/IronRuby MVP and the author of IronRuby Unleashed. With more than 10 years of experience in the software industry, Friedman now works in CodeValue, a company he has co-founded, where he creates products for developers, consults and conducts courses around the world about web development and dynamic languages. You can visit his blog at