Monetize your website and mobile app! Ads ecosystem and Google SDKs

Francesco Bonatesta


Do you know that Paper Toss’ (iOS Game) Company is making $100K/month with only 6 employees only from Google Ads? Have you built a wonderful website or an awesome mobile app and would like to make some money out of it without having users pay for your service? In this talk we will see how the online advertising ecosystem works, what different ads products exist, how to implement ads on your site and app in a very easy way with Google APIs and SDKs and how the needs of users, advertisers and publishers can be put together in a healthy environment.

Language: English

Level: low

Francesco Bonatesta

Technical Account Manager - Google

I was born in Sicily and moved to Pisa for University where I studied Computer Engineering. After graduation I moved to Rome and worked for P&G (a consumer goods company) in the IT department. In my role I was responsible for IT systems for the Southern Europe Sales Forces. I then moved to Milan and joined Google as a Technical Account Manager for monetization solutions. I'm currently working with large website and mobile app publishers in Italy and Europe.