AWS Hands-On Labs


Visit the AWS Hands-On Labs and take advantage of over 10 self-paced lab sessions. These labs give you an opportunity to get hands-on experience with AWS using common use cases in a live AWS environment. The lab room is staffed with knowledgeable AWS Solutions Architects and AWS Partner Instructors to help answer your questions. Each lab is approximately 1 hour and seating is limited to 40 attendees at a time. All labs are available at no charge and dedicated computers are provided.

Danilo Poccia

AWS Solutions Architect - Amazon

Danilo is an AWS Solutions Architect @ Amazon. He is interested in IT, Simulation/Modeling, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Photography.

Alberto Quario

XPer - XPeppers

Alberto has more than 15 years experience in developing software, he wrote his first programs on a TI-99/4A and hasn't stopped since. Other than languages and development, Alberto's passions include squash, cooking and Monet paintings. He lives and works in Milano, Italy.