Arduino: there’s a light that never goes out


In 8 hours we will build an arduino lamp piece by piece , explaning all the logic and programming of its interactions with external enviroments


The workshop is full-day (8 hours) from 9:00 to 18:00, with one hour lunch break

Rome – Via Ermenegildo Frediani 50 A

CHECK IN: 8:30 – 9:00


Early Bird: € 115  by Wednesday, 2 April  23:30 CET

Regular ticket:  € 155

Arnaldo Morena
I had started opening computers since 1982 when I had upgraded my Sinclair Spectrum 16k to 48k , actually my “40 rubber keys monster” is still working as “Special Guest “in some Christmas-nerd’s reunion. From then I have never stopped breaking electronic things trying to get them to their limit.
From late 1996 they started paying me for my having fun and then I started to consider to make a job out of my passions.
Since there I have been working as system administrator , database administrator, software analyst and developer  always as consultant for so many companies that I have always check twice if a new customer is really “brand new”.
Then Arduino came into my life , first as a strange object that suddenly became another big passion after been involved in founding Rome’s  Arduino User Group .
Since that day you can find me burning leds, circuits and some other stuff in places around  Rome  telling myself that I ‘m doing all this time wasting not for fun but for sharing my knowledge with my little child that is 4 month old


Jacopo Diamanti
24 yers old astrophysics student. Astronomy and space geek, musician, maker since 2010.
My main project (Arduino based) is Dedalo project, a stratospheric sounding balloon experiment to catch data and pictures from higher atmosphere.
Everything i learned about Arduino is result of my experiences and mistakes on the field.
Teacher at Fusolab 2.0 Arduino Starter class and previous Arduino workshops. I took part in Arduino User Group Roma in 2013.


1 Arduino explained to connect leds to an arduino board circuits works signals

5.programming with arduino

6.use buttons

7.use resistors

8.interact with external environment

9.lamp goes social


“I have just bought a brand new Arduino board which can light up 10 leds at the same time , if i am real fast in unplug its usb connection they can even blink”. This is the worst scenario anyone can face  , you own a powerful “something” but you don’t know how to play with it.
We will spend a whole day screwing, cursing and drinking coffee and in the meanwhile we will let you get in to the makers world, building a wonderful Lamp , bringing it to life,  and making it interact with external environment  by  its own sensors.
We will look at all the electronic rules we need to make our sophisticated toy alive; learning how it gets information from the outside, and how it elaborates it. Then, while we program it, we will quote all the scenes from “Frankenstein Junior” as our little creature comes to life.

Training goals

Learn how to use sensors, resistances ,leds, and everything you can imagine, making them interact with an arduino board. And with a few lines of code,  surprise yourself on how easily you can interact with everything that surrounds you with your imagination as the only limit.


The materials that will be used to build lamp are included in the ticket price and will be provided directly on the premises 

Participants are required to bring their own laptop

“Arduino Uno” board is not included in the ticket price, every participant need to purchase it in advance and bring it on the premises.
All materials will remain in participants’ possession.

A 40% discount of regular tickets price is offered to students. For any information please contact us at attaching document that certifies your student status.


The workshop will be held only if the minimun number of attendees is reached

For further information about this workshop email us at

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