Android & Internet of Things with Google Cloud Messaging and AppEngine – GDG Roma LAB

Friday, 11 April  - 11:30 to 13:00 Track: IoT, hack and make

WARNING: seats are limited, booking is required  UPDATE: the lab is closed and is not possible to reserve seats anymore.

Android & Internet of Things with Google Cloud Messaging and AppEngine: this workshop is part of a series of initiatives promoted by the Google Developer Group of Rome Lab for the Internet of Things. In this Lab, the Android device is intended to control a number of items using Radio Frequency Tags and will perform two types of tasks: perform control action on items and send to Centre obtained data.

To accomplish this goal, we will use the Google Cloud Messaging service, which allows you to optimize resources as well as manage and organize your messages in both directions. This service is  totally free. The workshop, after a general introduction on issues and technologies, will enable participants to develop the code and test the application.

Our lab will be divided into 6 small step in which each participant must implement a small specific task. We will provide the source code on GitHub with blank portions and comments that will guide the participants to the solution of the task. We will launch each task with an introductory slide and then we will leave a slot for a few minutes to implement.

Lab section on Android requires:

  • ADT Bundle
  • Google Play Services Library (preinstalled from Android SDK Extras)
  • Android Support Library (preinstalled from Android SDK Extras)
  • Sample projects:
    .GDGLAb_IoT –
    .SendByNFC –
  • A  NFC tag (optional)

Lab section on Google App Engine backend Lab requires:

  • Download code from GITHUB  (please double check by day previous lab to download possible last minute amendments)
  • Eclipse (latest version Kepler SR2 suggested)
  • GAE Eclipse Plug-in:
  • JDK Oracle 7 (rel 51 or higher suggested):
    It’s mandatory to run Eclipse using the installed JDK and not a JRE.
  • GAE sdk: version 1.8.8 or higher

Access to Labs is allowed to Codemotion Ticket holders.

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